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By August 3, 2015NJ Dental Insurance

Security Life of Denver – Best Individual Dental Plans for NJ

Finding a good dental plan in New Jersey has been almost impossible up to this point for individuals and families. Yes there is the very basic Centurion Plan from Horizon and their Individual Dental Plan but they are really just ok at best. They are more along the lines of discount dental plans and not something like you would find at your employer.

security life of denver best NJ Individual Dental plan

Not only that, you can also purchase an Individual Vision Plan that uses the VSP Network.. Start with a quote by clicking the image above.


How the Security Life Dental Plan works in New Jersey


Plan Options

1) Essential Plan – the essential plan is basic coverage with no network restrictions. Its an indemnity plan so you can use it wherever you choose. The benefits are limited to $500 annually but your cleanings are covered 100% and Basic Coverage (fillings/x-rays) are covered at 80%. They pay 80% and you pay the remaining 20%. There is no coverage for major services on this plan.

Security Life Essential Indemnity Plan



2) Advantage Plus

The Advantage Plus plan uses the Maximum Care network so you will get the most benefit by staying in that network. In fact, if you can’t find a dentist in the network, I wouldn’t recommend the plan anyway so make sure you check that network link out.

Moving on..

What makes this plan great and the best NJ Individual Dental Plan is that the benefits are very similar to group dental plans. It offers 100% coverage for basic, and then then benefits for Basic and Major are enhanced each year as long as you keep the plan. It starts out with an annual $1,000 maximum but you can increase that amount to $2,000 by buying up.  Check out the full benefits below but in my opinion, this is the best plan I’ve seen that isn’t part of an employer based plan.

Security Life Advantage Plus Individual Dental Plan NJ




Ok nothing is perfect. The plan does have some limitations just like any dental plan.

1)Network – make sure your dentist takes it before purchasing the plan.

2)Benefit scales up as you go – If you only want the plan for a year, the benefits aren’t as attractive on the Advantage Plus plan. It gets better after year one as they enhance the benefit.

3)This is just a general limitation on all dental plans.. I get a lot of calls from people who want 100% coverage on day 1 for all their dental ailments. There is no such thing. This is because people wait until the last second to buy their insurance and then expect the insurance company to pay their $1,000 Crown and after which the person will cancel the plan.. Because of this, they uses benefit that increases over time because from a business perspective, they can’t just collect a month of premium and then pay $1,000 only for you to leave the plan a month later. Anyway, read through the benefits on their site..


How to enroll in the Security Life Dental Plan for NJ

If you think this is a good plan for you, and enroll through my link below, I am compensated by Security Life. The price is the same whether it is through me or through any other agent or even direct with the company so that is up to you on how to enroll. 

They only do online enrollment which is great and means no paper forms to fill out!! They allow you to enroll any day of the month and the process seems easy and very straightforward.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me at [email protected] and if you want to enroll please use my link below.

security life of denver best NJ Individual Dental plan


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